I have been practising creative painting for nine years and now it’s time to share my work with the world.

I’m an emerging artist, working primarily with acrylics on canvas. I prefer painting outside, but if the weather doesn’t allow it, I work in my small studio. I paint in an intuitive style, not always having the final outcome in mind from the start. I don't like to follow one idea right through to the end.
The creative process itself produces the painting.

As in life, a painting can change direction in an instant; it’s a journey of practice in patience and trust and my work allows for open interpretation.

I’m inspired by nature, people, black and white pictures, stories, music and colours.
The power of colour has a large influence on my art-making process but black and white are my favourites to work with. As opposites, they are capable of creating strong expression.

Painting is my true passion, where I feel I can express myself the most and find inner peace.
I paint from the inside out and I love what I create.

My hope is that people enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy creating them.


KT `16

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